Things You Might Remember About Me

Things You Might Remember About Me

That I loved sparkling wine from Spain, and cursed, almost constantly. That I avoided board games, houseguests and Friday nights. That I embraced Gershwin, espresso and Sunday mornings. That I taught you the only way to eat pomegranates…letting the juice drip down your chin and stain your clothing.
That when storm clouds rolled across the mountains, I stood on our front steps and studied each one in turn, then we took out our box of 96 Crayola crayons (a smaller box was not an option) and drew the clouds until we became them.
That I took long walks on starry nights, pausing in front of the neighborhood fire station and serenading the firefighters with an a capella version of my favorite Fontella Bass song, “Rescue Me”.
That I wrote letters to God and hid them inside sunflowers.
That I told everybody I could not cook so I would not have to cook for them. When alone, I created culinary masterpieces, savoring every bite as if it was forbidden treasure.
That I made time to cry at least once a day.
That I fell often and loudly, down stairs, on icy sidewalks, and in and out of love, trusting you were there to catch me.
That I stared at the world and realized it was too marvelous to ever be truly discovered. But I did discover it. Again and again and again.
Excerpted from This Ruined House-©Susan Crane


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