Writers to Worship

Writers to Worship

“My new novel sustained me. It was my psychological Jesus: comfort, purpose, magic, spirit, transformation, companionship, salvation, sacrifice. I jotted down gems on napkins, chanted sage insights sotto voce until memorized, remarked on an angle of light or a gesture. I snatched up my 110-sheet Mead notebook and scrawled epiphanies into the margins. The novel was my mad lover and my only faithful friend. It sang to me its sea-nymph song as the alley dogs yapped and the homeless Indians combed through the dumpsters for aluminum cans, as I shopped for green discount meat at Safeway, as the grasshoppers munched through the blasted verdure and the tumbleweeds bounced along on their way east or south.” Poe Ballantine-Love and Terror on the Howling Plains of Nowhere

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