My Words

My Words

Mid-Life Errata

Whenever the word single appears,
insert singular.
Replace divorced with widowed
abused with admired.

In chapters 7 through 23 she is always able to
sleep through the night, and
almost never has nightmares.

Change two children
into three
Let the second one be spared.
Later, she will save everyone.

On page 58, she doesn’t leave New York,
but makes it all the way through winter
never longs for the desert,
golden sand between her toes,
yucca bridal bouquets at midnight.

Take the scars,
make them beauty marks.
Take the beauty,
make it last.

Revise all text into boldface.
The pages will warm
into amber as you turn them.

In the next to the last chapter,
she still allows herself to wear jewelry,
decides not to burn all of her paintings,
forgives God.


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